If you work with YSX TECH, you will find finally that we are very professional especially for components than any other competitors. Components are main body for your electronic products, many EMS manufacturers in China run business starting from PCB, seldom from components like us.

We deliver highly competitive services for our diverse customers based on our own competitive advantages:

★ Rich experience and dedication in providing total EMS for over 10 years
★ Comprehensive work service, help clients on value creation and development
★ Optimized and rich supply chain management, growing up from components business
★ Our own PCB and PCB assembly factories with highly flexible, fast and quality services.
★ High mix &low volume business expertise, quick turn and flexible service

★ Fast response and good communication
Save time, money and hassle

★ Logistics and extra services like advice/ Consultancy for entry of Chinese market…

Our engagement into your supply chain makes you stronger in the tough electronics market. Through this strategy, we’ve grown accustomed to changes on the fly and have actually come to expect them.